Group Scheduler

Checking Schedule at a Glance and Creating Event with a Few Clicks

Excellent usability for private schedule and group schedule

Sophisticated designs of day/week/month calendars let you check your private and your group's schedules at a glance. You need only a few clicks to create events. Drag an event to change its date and time. Group Scheduler provides all functionality you want for schedule management such as equipment reservations, email invitations, and task registrations.

Accessing from Anywhere with Mobile Devices

Check and create schedules and answer your participation speedily for smooth and effective team work.

Cloudware supports user interfaces for iPhone, iPad, and Android. You can use Group Scheduler comfortably just as the usability of your mobile devices you are used to. Email notifications are sent when schedule events are shared or updated. After you check the contents, you just need a tap to answer your participation to the event. You can manage and organize schedule events seamlessly from anywhere.

Managing Schedules Securely with Access Settings

Control accesses by other users to classified information.

Event members can share information of schedule events without exposing their details to others. The other users can see event's time frame but not its title or details.

Available in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean Languages

Cloudware supports worldwide business.

Cloudware is available in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean languages and supports to display in your local time. Each user can select his/her language and time zone. With an event such as a phone conference, Cloudware displays a local time for each user, and you do not need to worry about the time difference.

Easily Creating and Updating Information of Organization

Import data of organization from Google.

Cloudware is capable of importing user accounts from Google accounts. You can set up when to apply updates of information in advance. You can also import and export organization, role, and user information with CSV files, and this makes it easy to import and export data of large companies. You can also create maintenance plan by registering updated data in advance and specify a date to apply the update.

Synchronizing with Google Apps

Synchronize with Google Calendar securely.

By synchronizing with Google Calendar, you can extend the input and output of events in Google Apps. Depending on your security requirements, you can decide whether or not to synchronize with Google Calendar for each event.

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