What's LS Cloudware?

Streamline Business in the Cloud

LS Cloudware is a service to provide sophisticated web applications for your business without any initial costs. The service requires only usage fees at competitive prices. We achieved such a high cost-performance by minimizing the infrastructure investments and providing the applications in software as a service (SaaS) model. Since the service is available as SaaS, no installation is needed on your computers. You only need to register for the service, and you are ready to start using LS Cloudware with web browsers.

LS Cloudware family now has released two fascinating services. Group Scheduler provides a way to share events in an organization with more efficient collaboration. Workflow is to generate a database on the WEB from business forms and workflow automation. These services, developed in Japan, have rich functionality and superior usability.

Group Scheduler and Workflow fully utilize Google's applications. You are able to synchronize Group Scheduler with Google Calendar. It enables you to check schedules also with your smartphone's calendar application. Once you update your schedule, it is reflected to both Group Scheduler and Google Calender. The application lets you integrate your schedule effortlessly. You can also synchronize Workflow with Google Docs. Workflow exports data to Google Docs and automatically generates graphs and lists in spreadsheets.

Demo Movies

LS Cloudware Group Scheduler

  • Introduction to the basic usage of LS Group Scheduler
  • The user interface for iPhone and the functionality to integrate with Google Calendar

LS Cloudware Workflow

  • Introduction for the administrator of LS Workflow
  • Introduction for general users of LS Workflow
  • Approval using iPhone and introduction of the user interface for iPad
  • The database functionality of LS Workflow

LS User & Group manager

  • Introduction of the User & Group manager
  • How can general users start to use LS Cloudware?
  • Let's create an organizational hierarchy data.


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